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A lot of people that require the services of a locksmith do so because their insurance company has told them they need to upgrade their locks before they can be insured. There is a minimum standard of locks that is required not only to ensure the security of your property but to satisfy insurers that you have taken steps to ensure that your home or business is Safe and Secure. So what are insurance graded locks?

Door Locks

If you are unsure that your door locks meet insurers criteria then you need to check for the kite mark, British standard BS3621. If you have a wooden door then this can be found on the faceplate of the lock or on the front barrel depending on whether it is a deadlock or rim deadlock. If your locks do not meet the minimum standard, then it is a good idea to call Safe and secure locksmith to upgrade them.

If you have uPVC doors or a wooden door that requires the handle to be lifted to lock the door then it is likely you will be covered by your insurance as these are multi point locks which means that they lock at 3 or more different point making them quite hard to open the door with force. With this said the increased use of a technique called lock snapping by burglars means that not all locks are that are supplied with uPVC doors are as safe as you might think. Although you may be covered by insurance standard’s it might be worth having your locks upgraded to snap safe locks for the extra peace of mind that your locks are as Safe and secure as can be.

Home insurance providers expect you to provide a minimum level of security, and what they require changes depending on where you live (burglary rates vary from area to area), who your insurance provider is, and the type of cover you opt for. Making your home as secure as possible is obviously important from a personal safety point of view, but it could also cost you money if it is not up to scratch.

Safe and secure locksmiths Carry various brands of mechanism and centre gear boxes on our vehicle to suit different upvc doors and windows, if they are not maintained,

Our repair services safe and secure offer include all aspects of external double glazed upvc doors and windows repairs. Maybe you have a broken Upvc composite door locking mechanism system which has either locked shut or has simply stopped locking? Or would you like to refresh your tired looking double glazed Upvc door or window handles because they are sun damaged or pitted and are just not looking their best anymore? Upvc Repair at safe and secure can replace any type or handle or lever to which ever colour you would like from brass handles, hinges and letterboxes to white and even chrome effect ones.

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