1: Lock Doors and Windows: Always lock your doors and windows when you leave your home or go to sleep. This is the most basic but effective way to prevent unauthorized entry.

2: Key Management: Don’t hide spare keys outside your home. Instead, give spare keys to trusted neighbors or family members

3: .Secure Garage: Keep your garage locked to prevent burglars from accessing tools or using your own tools to break into your home.

4: Secure Valuables: Keep important documents, jewelry, and other valuable items in a secure, hidden place like a safe.

5: Neighborhood Watch: Join or create a neighborhood watch program to keep an eye on each other’s properties and report any suspicious activity.

6: Lock Up Tools: Keep garden tools and ladders securely locked up, as these can be used by burglars to gain access to upper levels of your home.

7: Home Maintenance: Regularly maintain your home’s exterior, fixing broken locks, windows, and other vulnerabilities promptly.

8: Home Automation: Consider using home automation systems to simulate occupancy when you’re away. Timers for lights, TVs, and radios can create the illusion that someone is home.

9: Mail and Package Management: Have a neighbor collect your mail and packages if you’re away. A pile of mail can signal that you’re not home.

10: Social Media Caution: Avoid broadcasting your location or travel plans on social media. This can prevent potential burglars from knowing when your home is vacant.

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